Well September has already gone so I had better explain the events of July and August... 

As some of you may have noticed I had booked work for The Freemasons in China during this period. 

Why China, you may ask? 

Basically because there's cities with 1 Million+ populations everywhere. 

There is also a thriving independent/underground music industry there. 

You don't have to lug a stage set and backline around with you, all the venues are fully equipped in this regard. 

And if you're not well known in your home country, why does it matter anyway where you go? 

Anyways.... it was booked for 36 cities over 6 weeks. 

Venues, hotels, transport... 

It was advertised.... 

And then it was crushed by a mountain of bureucracy. 

Work visas were not forthcoming and that was that. 

End of story. 

It probably could have been avoided if we had all applied together in one country but being geographically displaced from one another added a further layer of complication. 

Apologies to anyone who pre-purchased tickets to see us, I know you would have received a refund from the venue, but still... 

Special thanks to Francesca, Luca and Vlad for commitment to the project during it's various stages. 

Let's see what 2017 holds in that regard...

Live in 2016? 

We're currently exploring options to take NEW JERUSALEM out live. 

One of the avenues being explored is crowd-sourcing. 
To which end, we've set up a Tour Fund campaign on 
The end goal is lofty but we'll put whatever we get into getting out on the road in 2016. 

Additionally there are several levels of rewards ranging from exclusive CD's to a show in the destination of your choice. 

You can check it out here

If you or anyone you know books or promotes bands, please get in touch with us. 

We'd like to get out and about as much as possible this year, not just in Australia but also in Asia and Europe.


Hello again dearies, 


We're getting enquiries about the shiny silver circle edition of New Jerusalem. 

Rest assured, you haven't missed anything (yet). 

We're looking at having the CD edition available by late February-early March (yes, this year). 

Meanwhile, if you're really desperate, you can pre-order it here, and we'll send you the download NOW and the CD copy in early March when available. 


Yep, Diamond Dave said it best. 

The summer heatwave here in Sydney has prompted PRICE MADNESS. 

The download edition of New Jerusalem is just $9.99. 


Please support the band and grab a copy.

Merry New Year 

Did I mention we had a new album? 

Maybe I did tell you about it already... 
Its called New Jerusalem, and its a cracker. 
Don't be afraid of the long songs now, 29 minutes is hardly the rest of your life (and if it is please spend it more wisely :) 



Due to the vagaries of pricing stuff on, you can get the album as a digital download for $9.99. 
That's crazy. 
While its that cheap on RN we've decided to match the price here on our site. 
We've emailed RN about getting some of the track prices (and hence the album price) up above their $2.00 maximum as some of our tracks are quite long... 

Did I mention that all of the earlier stuff we've released in 2015 has been remixed and remastered? 

There, I knew I'd forgot something. 
It sounds all shiny. 
If you've streamed or downloaded before, I encourage you to compare - the sound is worlds apart. 

Did I mention there was also a new 4-song single titled Glow

This is an edited version of the first part of track 5 on the album, and features the delightfully talented talents of Wayna Green on backing vocals. 

Did I forget to wish you all a merry xmas and happy new year? 

Well kind of... 
The album mastering didn't conclude until Christmas Eve and I was quite literally shagged out for a few days after. 
I hope you all got a kiss under the mistletoe :D 
There's a metaphor in that for all of us... 
Least all of you over the age of consent who have a partner :P 

I'm sure there's more to tell that I just can't remember for now. 
As soon as I hit send, it will come flooding back...


contrary to popular belief.... 

and we have a new album 


it's gone retail! 

hear it  

watch it 


full audio visual preview available at 

New Jerusalem 
01 - Nuclear Winter(3:54) 
02 - To Die For (5:01) 
03 - Numb (9:39) 
04 - My Jerusalem (29:42) 
05 - Glow (19:50) 



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Studio Update 

Phew... 2 days in the studio mixing the new single and I'm still not sure I've hit the nail on the head. We recruited a French lass named Wayna Green to perform backing vocals on this track, which is sounding great. I still may outsource the mixing, sometimes a fresh perspective is what's really needed.... Anyhow, back to the grindstone.... love, Derek.

You may say that I'm a Streamer... 

Well I'm not the only one...
Someday you will join us...
Blah blah blah.

Did you know that THE FREEMASONS are available on all major streaming services, including:
  • Spotify
  • Apple Music
  • Pandora
  • Jango
  • Guvera
  • JB Hifi...

and the list goes on and on and on...

The full list of retailers is RIGHT HERE.

Extending the McHappiness 

Hi everyone, hope you're all well.
Lovely rainy weather here in Sydney :)

We've decided to extend the free-for-email release "In Pursuit of McHappiness" until 31 December 2015.
So if you haven't already got it, you've got a little extra time to grab it for free.

But wait - there's more!

We've added 3 songs to the single to bring it to a 5 song EP, around 22 minutes runtime - all FREE.

For current subscribers who only got the 2 song version of "In Pursuit of McHappiness", you can download the extra tracks from the Members page.

Kind Regards
From the Freemasons.

Opening The Vaults 

We've started releasing some recordings from way back when in 1996.
The first four have been released here on the Members' page, and also on ReverbNation.
These 4 songs were all recorded by Wayne Grech at Saturation Level Studios, in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney.
Further tracks will be released from the band's private recordings.

Hope you enjoy.

It certainly shows the difference 20 years can make.

Members Only Page... and much much more 

Members Only Page
New to the website at
You'll need to create a username and password, and go through the usual email confirmation.

Currently available:
  • Audio and artwork samples from the upcoming album NEW JERUSALEM
  • All the songs that are available "free-for-email" on ReverbNation.

From The Vaults

We've started releasing some old stuff from 1996. Gives a bit of a "then-and-now" perspective... Inside Her 1996 and To Die For 1996 are available - a few more to come. These are studio demo recordings. Available exclusively from ReverbNation and the band's Member's-Only page.

Sorry for any confusion regarding last nights tweets and facebook posts.
12 November is the real date for the single/EP release.


In April this year the band publicly re-emerged.
Yesterday we hit #1 on ReverbNation's Aussie Alternative rankings...
THANK YOU ALL for helping us get there.
Maybe its just for a day... all the same the recognition is appreciated.

*** On the same day the FreeMail mailing list topped 100 subscribers.***

On top of December's album release, we've got a swag of audio and video to unleash next year.
And I promise we will finally tour in 2016.
Everything seems to be shifting up a gear and we need to run harder still to keep rising.
The competition is fierce and well-deserving of our respect.

Once again, a huge Thanks


Hello again all you lovely people. It's been way too long since our last update, for which we are entirely to blame.
Do forgive us, it's been a very busy time...


As confirmed last time, the album is done. We're just putting all the finishing touches to it: artwork, associated video etc.
The likely release date has been moved back slightly to 10 December to allow for a pre-release promotional campaign.
But we can promise more news on that front in the next 7 days.


Told you it was better than Tinder, eh :)
There'll be one more single before the album, and we're hopeful that this one might carry a little commercial weight.
For the B-Side we're going further over-the-top than we ever thought possible.
I'm not telling the song just yet, but I can say that my 4-year-old daughter will never speak to me again...
To be released start of November.


All the earlier singles and the E.P. (everything released before Phoenix/Bad Romance) are still on sale on the web store.
Grab a bargain while it lasts.
All payments are securely handled through PayPal so we'll NEVER have your card details.


The video for our version of BAD ROMANCE is out there now (maybe even at the top of this page...)

Bad Romance is the 4th and final of this year's cover versions and is the B-Side to PHOENIX.

It's a bad-ass mutha-f***ing version of Lady GaGa's song.

Remember to be kind and SWIPE RIGHT :P


First there was Reefer Madness, now we give you Spring Madness.
Yes, Spring is in the air for us antipodeans, and to celebrate the end of a rather chilly old winter, we've slashed prices.
Cutting-our-own-throat to bring you discounts on our already ridiculously low prices.
25% off the My Jerusalem EP, the Numb/A Forest single and Black II/Prowler single.
All payments processed by Paypal -


The 2-song freebie is still available for those who haven't taken advantage.
In Pursuit of McHappiness is a punk-pop call for revolution, a slight departure from the band's normal sound.
Sacrifice is more true to band's gothic and industrial roots.
Check the website for details...

Cover Versions

We're 3 songs into the singles campaign, with one more coming in early September.
We can tell you that the original song is a track named Phoenix, and its very dark and moody.
However, even at this late stage a cover version hasn't been decided upon to couple up with it...
Our version of The Cure's A Forest has proved most popular to date, with Prowler (Iron Maiden) coming in second, closely followed by the most recent addition Passion of Lovers (Bauhaus).
So, once we figure out which song to record and on which date it will be released - we'll let you know...


If you haven't already come across our Youtube page then you might not be aware that The FreeMasons has taken the unconventional step of creating music video for each and every song released.
They are NOT the usual type of rock star poser videos.
What they are is more like video backdrops to the music that capture and translate the vibes and emotions into imagery, with only occasional band shots.
A bit impressionistic perhaps...
Watch them here at Youtube, or on the FreeMasons site.

Finally, An Album?

All we can say about this is that it will be released some time in November this year.
It will have 12 songs, run around 70 minutes, and be titled New Jerusalem.
More details soon.

Please Spread the Word

Our little family is only a few hundred strong at the moment, but all are welcome.
If you know anyone who you think would appreciate our music, please let them know.
The bigger our lodge grows, the bigger and better the productions we can release.

The FreeMasons


Well, we're 3 down out of 4 in the 2015 'Cover Version' series of promotional releases.
The 3rd release sees our song TO DIE FOR teamed with another early '80's classic - Bauhaus's Passion of Lovers.
Passion of Lovers is a song we used to play in live sets in 1996, and parts of this recording - particularly Ben Lovelace's frenetic improvisations on french horn and clarinet - have been preserved from the original tapes.

As with all our releases to date, you can buy them in leading online retailers - or right here.
We process all our payments via Paypal so we never actually need to take your card details, its all handled by Paypal.
So shop without fear :)

The 4th in the series of singles will arrive in early September...


It's EASY.
Just subscribe to FREEMAIL, the band's own newsletter.
There's a link on virtually every page on this site.

And we'll give you...

Not 1, but 2 original tracks.
That's right, the full A- and B-Side of an UNRELEASED single.
You can't get this in online retail stores.
Its EXCLUSIVELY available right here until December.


(If you have any concerns about the privacy of your information, click here to view our full Privacy policy.
In short, we won't give any of your info to anybody unless required to do so by law.)

Welcome to THE LODGE. 

Hello World.

We encourage you to join the FreeMail mailing list to get all of our updates direct to your inbox.
Your email address will never be disclosed without your permission, and we promise not to badger you with meaningless prattle.
Just relevant updates regarding the works of The Freemasons - probably once a week at max.

Our Lodge is open to all, regardless of gender, race or creed.
If you have a friend who you think would enjoy the music, we'd love it if you'd kindly pop their email address onto the FreeMail list.
You can join the FreeMail list at the TOP OF THIS PAGE.

Until next time, please take a few minutes to check out our current releases:
My Jerusalem - EP

My jerusalem - E.P.

Numb c/w A Forest - single

Numb c/w A Forest - single

Black II c/w Prowler - single

Black II c/w Prowler - single

Previous events

Glow - EP release

GLOW is a 4 song single, the title track being an edit of track 5 on the album.



Phoenix / Bad Romance - Single release

Bad Romance is a bad ass version of Gaga's tune.

TO DIE FOR c/w PASSION OF LOVERS - Single release

Another original/cover coupling. This time the classic Bauhaus track gets the treatment ;)

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